Stringpuller Jimmie Live with James Brown at Richard Pryor Tribute

Check out this amazing recording of a live show we did in 1991 to honor the one and only Richard Pryor!

The beginning is cool but after about 3 minutes, the James Brown Band hits the stage with their latest song. And then Eddie Murphy, who’s hosting, pops up and does his James Brown impression with James standing right there -it’s crazy!

Check it all out on the video:

Here’s what Youtube has to say about it:

Eddie Murphy hosts a star-studded event in honor of comedy icon, Richard Pryor. Guests include Chevy Chase, Keenen Ivory Wayans, Lily Tomlin, Dick Gregory, Bobcat Goldthwait, Marsha Warfield and many more. We do not own any music contained within, but felt it was important to share the program and tributes in their entirety. #richardpryor #comedy #standup #classiccomedy

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